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ClaireAusten by carilica ClaireAusten by carilica
For :iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus: :iconillegibilus:

• Name:  Claire (Air) Austen
• Age: Fourteen
• Birthday: 8th September
• Gender: Female
• Height: 5 feet 2.2 inches / 158 cm
• Weight: 99 lbs / 45 kg
• House: Slytherin
• Year: Fourth Year

• Pet
Name: Felix
Species: Peters's Dwarf Epauletted Fruit Bat
Gender: Male
Personality: Cuddly, energetic and curious. Loves being petted and cuddled with. But don't let him out of sight or he'll be gone in a second.

• Wand
Core: Unicorn    
Length: 13 inches
Wood: Blackthorn
Flexibility: Brittle

• Personality
Shy : Smart : Curious : Determent : Self-preserved : Cunning : Kind : Brave : Distant : Unforgiving : Cautious :

Claire comes of a little bit shy and she doesn't really like talking that much. Because of all that shes been through she has become kind of distant and cold towards most people. Being cunning she often make note of other people's strengths and weaknesses making it possible for her to always have the upper hand. She does this mostly because she's afraid of getting hurt.

As Claire has a grudge towards people in general she is cautious and chooses her friends carefully. If you really get to know her she can be really kind and funny to be around.

In general Claire is a smart girl. She is curious and determent always aiming for the highest grades. Different and mysterious things seems appealing to her. She would never judge a book by its cover and she would not hesitate before entering a dark chamber or breaking any rules. The only things she really is afraid of is loneliness and the fear of falling (even though she loves flying).

• Background:
Raised in a normal home in Biggleswade Claire was a happy child living with her parents and her two brothers. She was always seen laughing and often playing with her friends. At the age of four Claire and her family left Biggleswade to live in London. The big city was so different to the small town she was used to and she had big troubles making friends. At the age of five Claire attended a Cathedral school. There she was pushed around and teased for being different. The only good thing that happened to her there was her meeting Alexandra, the only one person who she actually trusted. They where the only ones who understood each other and soon became best friends.

For years Alexandra and Claire did everything together and always stood up for each other. At the age of nine Claire's parents got a request moving to Sri Lanka to study the red listed Das's dwarf toad. They thought it would be best for the children to stay, but they didn't want to miss out on such a big opportunity so they asked their oldest son Darvan if he could take care Claire and her twin brother while they were gone. A few months later Alexandra got the news that she was diagnosed with leukemia and wouldn't last more than a year. Claire was badly beaten up by the news and when Alexandra passed she became cold and shut everything and everyone out. As time passed she only became more distant.

At her eleventh birthday Claire got a letter telling her she was accepted to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts she felt more accepted, more like she could be herself (even though she is still kind of distant). She has actually had some enjoyable moments and made some friends and as time goes she is starting to loosen up.


Her family originates from the Icelandic Vikings and when she was little her grandmother taught her everything about the nordic runes and gods. Claire has always been interested in her family's history. Actually it seems to be something mysterious about it, something different. 

• Family:
- House Hold
Daravan, 25 : Older brother : Working in the construction industry :
Clark, 14  : Twin brother : Attending a muggle school :

- Other
Michaela, 41 : Mother : Scientist : Studying the Das's dwarf toad :
Mikeal, 45, Father : Scientist : Studying the Das's dwarf toad :

• Likes
Autumn / Fall (Leaves Falling, Sweater Weather, Hot Drinks, Not To Cold)
The Night and Darkness In General
Getting The Highest Grade Possible
Animals / Magical Creatures (especially bats)
Rain, Candles, Pumpkins, Jack o Lanterns (More Autumn Related Stuff)
Her Brothers
Broom Flying
Rivers / Lakes
Grassy Fields
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans / Dragon Milk Cheese

• Dislikes
Fear of Falling
Being Publicly Humiliated
Scoring Bad On Tests
Fake Friends

• Elective Classes:
Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
Ghoul Studies
Magical Theory

• Spells:
Unlocking Charm - Alohomora (Unlocks nonmagical locks)
Shielding Charm - Protego, Dunbihu, or K'irara (Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses)
Ferula - Ferula (Simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb)
Stunning Spell - Stupefy, Checui, or Musphasqa (One of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds)
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